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Do You have questions about our pet and plant care services? We have answers to all your questions!

FAQ's at Pet & Plant Pal
  • What types of animals do you care for?
    Pet & Plant Pal cares for animals ranging from cats, dogs, rabbits, fish, turtles, farm animals, etc. If you don’t see your animal on the list, please contact us to discuss if we can provide your requested services.
  • How do you deal with aggressive dogs?
    At Pet & Plant Pal, we prioritize the safety and well-being of all pets in our care, as well as our staff and other clients. As a result, we do not handle aggressive dogs in order to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for everyone involved. However, we do understand that some dogs may have specific behavioral needs or issues, which is why we recommend consulting with a qualified behaviorist who can provide expert guidance and advice on how best to manage your pet's unique requirements. Our ultimate goal is to provide the highest level of care for all pets, and we appreciate your understanding of our policy regarding aggressive dogs.
  • Do you administer medications?
    Yes. We train each Pet & Plant Pal employee to administer medications properly. It is important to us that even animals with medicine can be cared for while their owner is away.
  • Do you offer overnight appointments?
    Yes, we do offer overnight stays. We will arrive at your home at 9:00 pm and visit with your pet. Then lights out. We wake up early and perform a morning visit, etc. If you need additional appointments throughout the day, you will need to book those separately.
  • Do I need to provide waste bags?
    All employees will come to all visits prepared with waste bags provided by Pet & Plant Pal. Our clients are not responsible for providing waste bags.
  • Can I book a visit with a sitter directly?
    We ask that all services be requested through our client portal with the office. Our staff is not responsible for the schedule and may not provide accurate scheduling information.
  • Can other people take care of my home, like cleaners, while you’re taking care of my pets?"
    While we understand that you may have others accessing your home, we ask that you provide us with information about who will have access and when, as we are released from any liability related to third-party access. This is important for the safety of our staff, and we want to ensure that your home is secure and well-cared for while you are away. It is also essential for us to know when we should alert you to any concerns about your property.
  • If I come home early, do I get a refund?"
    No. Any cancellations made to pet sitting assignments after the services have already begun will not be refunded.
  • What happens if my flight gets delayed?
    Pet & Plant Pal will always put the animal’s best interest first. If you return home later than expected due to unforeseen circumstances, Pet & Plant Pal will ensure your pet(s) is safe and properly cared for until you return.
  • What if I have to cancel at the last minute?
    We ask that you notify us as soon as possible if there needs to be a schedule change. We understand emergencies happen, but otherwise, 24-hour notice for dog walking clients and 48-hour for pet sitting clients will be required. We adhere to a strict policy of NO OVERBOOKING. Therefore, once you have contracted services, we will turn away business to accommodate your schedule. You will be charged for all visits without proper notice of cancellation.
  • What happens in the event of severe weather?
    Please ensure that you have an emergency contact on file with us. This is important in case we are unable to make it to your home due to extreme weather conditions that may pose a safety risk to our employees. While Pet & Plant Pal always strives to attend all scheduled visits, safety remains our top priority. If we cannot safely reach your home, we will promptly inform you and discuss the next steps.
  • Do I have to have a meet and greet?
    Yes, it is necessary that every new client has a meet and greet with us, and we offer the option for a video chat meet and greet for plant and fish care. Meet and greets have many benefits. During these introductions, owners will have the chance to meet one or two members of our team virtually, ask any questions they may have about our services, or answer any of our essential questions as well. They will have the opportunity to show us their pet’s routine in detail to ensure we know how to appropriately care for their animal while they’re away. It is also an excellent time for your pet to get to know us and make sure they will be comfortable with us entering your home.
  • Is the meet and greet free?
    Yes, the meet and greet is free of charge.
  • Will I always get the same sitter?
    We work as a team at Pet & Plant Pal, so we cannot guarantee the same pet sitter every time. We operate a busy schedule and cover multiple towns in our service area. If one employee can’t make it to your job, we need to be able to send any of our employees to your home. Rest assured that each employee will have proper training on your job before being sent in to care for your animals. We can guarantee that all of our pet sitters are equally as great as each other!
  • Can I meet with every sitter before they can access to my home?
    Unfortunately, we cannot arrange for you to meet every sitter before they can access your home. Each employee will receive the proper training before doing the job individually. We take the integrity of our team very seriously. Our employees are background checked upon hire for our client’s protection and our own, and IRCD is bonded and insured. Rest assured that only trained, trustworthy, and upstanding employees will be allowed access to your home.
  • How do you handle access to my home?
    To ensure smooth access to your home, we require clients to provide a lock box with two keys or alternative access methods such as a garage code or keypad on the door. It's essential to have a backup plan with at least two ways to access your home to avoid any delays or complications.
Pet & Plant Pal
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