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Grooming Lessons

Learn to groom your own dog!

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Personal dog grooming lessons are valuable for those interested in learning to groom their own dogs. However, it's important to consider the cost and careful handling of grooming equipment to avoid accidents. 

Learning to groom dogs requires an investment in high-quality equipment, and suitability depends on the breed and other factors. 

Ideal candidates for personal grooming are dedicated dog owners committed to routine grooming. 

It's not recommended solely for saving money but rather to build a bond with pets. Lessons are also beneficial for maintaining a dog's coat between professional grooming sessions. 

Performance sports enthusiasts may find grooming lessons valuable for preparing their competition dogs. 

Note that lessons are not suitable for individuals with behavior issues or heavy matting.

Grooming Lesson Rates

Our pricing structure for personal dog grooming lessons is as follows: $60 per hour.


Any additional time beyond the first hour will be charged in 15-minute increments.


This ensures that you only pay for the exact duration of the lesson, allowing for flexibility and fair pricing. We strive to provide an efficient and affordable grooming experience for you and your beloved pets.



Grooming Lesson Rates
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